Why MGI outlets are designed to be small?

In Madurai like all other places across India, very small eateries serving a very limited number of customers or select items on the menu are the places that customers fondly go back to.

For instance, the famous Mohan Bhojanalaya, at one one point of time, was a very small dingy place, that could serve at the most 20-30 people at a time. Even now, it can serve a maximum of 40 people only.

Same is the case with MGIs. None of our outlets are designed or built to serve 100s of customers. We serve at the most 25 customers at a time.

And this is by design and there are no monetary constraints behind this structure. Because, like we have always maintained, we are in the business of serving people by delivering unique, good quality and healthy food. We are not in the business of selling food.

And hence, customer service is at the heart of what we do. To offer extra-ordinary service, we would attend to just 20 customers at a time. We would like to offer personalized service, satisfying customer’s individual needs and delivering a compassionate service. And in that lies our satisfaction and our value.

Want to enjoy a special treatment at a restaurant? Then you know where to come.

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