A major health trend going on among millennials and in India overall, is that,  Snacking equals consuming oily food and hence is a major health hazard. What has really come under negativity on people’s perception is the age old South Indian Snacks such as the Vada, Bajji that are deep fried in oil. Our teens do not like the idea of Traditional Snacks. They would rather want a Vada pav OR a Pani Poori with Golgoppas, which are not made from a layer of oil free thin air either.

So, how did this massive change in Snacking pattern come about?

Well, it all started with very heavy duty marketing against oil. Oils were blindly considered bad and any Snack taken directly from deep frying in oil and consumed were screaming “BAD EATING, HEALTH IMPACT” in people’s ears.

While this blog is not a research article and presentation on oil, the facts that we like to present are how oil is used and cooked. And when it is used right, it is not Bad eating after all.

Oil in general does two things to health. 1) Some oils add bad cholesterol to blood and thus indirectly affect our heart 2) The worst effect and perhaps the most long lasting is that some oils, when heated to a very high temperature become carcinogenic.  Out of these 2, consumption of high cholesterol can be compensated with a very active lifestyle, exercises and by consuming in small portions. The ill effect, even if there is, can be recovered.

The second impact, that of, consuming highly heated oil, the use of wrong oil for frying and that of reheating and reboiling that oil over and over, has impacts that are far reaching and long lasting than consuming oil. And the food industry or the health experts never really highlight that.  It is believed that, regularly consuming food made from highly heated and reused oil has carcinogenic effects and this is what ultimately leads people to long lasting health impact.

This is also why restaurant eating has come off to be really Negative.

At MGIs, we understand this huge impact on people’s health.  Hence, if we go through a loss in throwing away excess oil that has been heated once, we still do it. We follow these basic principles in preparing our snacks, which assure that no harmful effects are being passed to our customers.

  1. The use of right kind of oil for deep frying – Sunflower oil, Coconut oil & Groundnut oil for deep frying. Gingelly oil and Rice bran oil for cooking. No mixing of oils.
  2. No reheating and re-use of oils – We try and make our products in batches to avoid wastage. Beyond that, if there is excess oil, we mercilessly throw it away without a second thought.
  3. No refrigeration of oily food, reheating and serving it later. Food and most importantly Snacks are always best when consumed fresh.

These 3 principles also align well with our philosophy of “Sattvic Cooking”. Sattvic does not mean boring – It means, traditional and clean ways of cooking and serving that ensure that the end customer is elevated and served well for the overall wellness of his Mind, Body or Soul.

MGI commits itself to keep its end customer health and wellness in mind. Thats why we take pride in calling ourselves traditional,  healthy and Sattvic oriented.

Come on, enjoy all the delicacies in fast food, Snack to your heart’s content not to its dissent – ONLY AT MGIs!!

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