Snack like a Madurai’ite @ MGIs

Potato-BondaWhen in Rome, live like a Roman. This is something we have always heard. What does it take to Live like a Madurai’ite in Madurai? Let us explore.

One of the key traits of Madurai is that it is called as a City that never sleeps. It is a city that is awake all day and all night, and food is available 24×7. It is called as “thoonga Nagaram” meaning the exact same thing. Any time of the day, there will be people on the streets, some restaurant that is open, a coffee shop that is serving coffee or tea with snacks OR the road side vendors that sell some amazing south Indian food for a throw away price. Madurai is known for its amazing foodie culture and a very ravenous crowd that is always eating some quick bites. The word Madurai is derived from Maduram meaning nectar. It is the Food Capital of TamilNadu.

Another cool trait that we will find when roaming around the streets of Madurai is that, people really like to and they DO Snack a lot. Typical south Indian snacks such as the crispy vada, OR pakora, OR Bajjis sell throughout the day. A coffee time is an affair of a Snack and Coffee. It is never had alone. OR a snack is washed down with some Jil Jil Jigarthanda or a Fruit Mixture. These are signature Madurai dishes.

So if you are snacking in Madurai, what are some delicious snacks to try out?

1. Bajji – Trust us, the Bajji in Madurai is really unique and Special. Praise it on the quality of the red chillies OR the flour used to make the bajjis which is not the usual Bengal Gram, the bajjis are quite delicious and different

2. Paniyaram – Madurai is is very famous for its paniyarams, maybe due to its proximity with Karaikudi. Different kinds of paniyarams – both sweet and savory are available in Madurai mostly at Chettinad restaurants and some streets.

3. Vadai – Madurai is known for its vadai of different varities. Sourashtrian keera vadai, kepa vadai, Masala Vadai are some unique eats at Madurai. You can pick them at any random Snack shop near the temple.

4. Kolukkatai – Madurai is knows for both its sweet and savory kolukattais. Many Karaikudi Joints in Madurai, serve steamed Kolukkatai as snacks. So are Milk Kolukkatais which is very authentic to the south.

At MGIs, a completely new range of Snacks are available that are not only signature Madurai BUT also Signature MGIs. The Vellayappam, Thavala Vadai, Keerai vadai, Pattinam Pakoda, Bajjis are all a great treat for a Snack loving foodie or a Tourist. The Snacks that are made at MGIs are made without any added MSG or preservatives. The crispiness that we get without adding these is the secret to our success.

So the next time you visit Madurai, satiate your Snack Appetite at MGIs.

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