MGI – Why do our customers love us for generations?

mgi-name-3MGI as a brand name, stands for Madurai Gopu Iyengars.

Many people have asked us why the hotel has been named after an individual? Why could we not have called it by a different name? Why the community tag in the name?

Well, the hotel chain represents the values and vision of its founder…Which is to serve authentic, unique tasting south Indian food variety prepared in Iyengar style at an affordable cost to everyone.

What is unique about the MGI brand and its values?

1. Well, the first word that comes to mind is pure & clean. There is a high insistence on cleanliness and using unadulterated material in all stages of preparation. Farm-to-table as a concept was strictly followed by Sri Gopu Iyengar who had his own agricultural lands and Cows from where most of the food material and Milk were sourced from. He had direct working relationship with vegetable vendors.

MGI believes in this philosophy and aims to follow a process of Farm-to-table where no additional hands or involved and the food is as pure as it is possible.

2. Customer Hospitality. History has it that the founder Sri Gopu Iyengar was so hospitable to each and every one of his customers, would remember them by names, lovingly enquire about their families, terribly miss them if he has not seen them in a few days and have lunch only after all his employees have eaten. People flocked the hotel for his love, beyond all the taste.

This is at the heart of MGIs services. We respect our customers and it is our aim that we differentiate through our hospitality and create WOW experiences for them in what we serve & how we serve it. We would like to create personalized customer stories and experiences at MGIs.

3. Innovative Menu. Since the beginning of its operations, which is about 90 years ago, MGI introduced a totally disruptive product in the South Indian Vegetarian food. This the Vellayappam and Spicy Chilly Chutney. Even now, the moment we mention the brand name – 90% of our customers recall these 2 items, in spite of us serving all other tiffin/food varieties too. This is how our founder created a niche for himself.

We are very innovative about our food menu and try to experiment and give people food with a twist, rather than just serving what every other restaurants serve. We are one of those restaurants where there is a different menu card for every day of the week.

The next time you endorse us by visiting one of our outlets, please do remember – you are encouraging us for these values!! Thank you.

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