MGI – A Healthy fast food store of traditional Madurai!

Madurai Gopu Iyengars is a 100 year old legacy, that has been keeping alive, the authentic Cuisines of the ancient times. Our century old, tasty yet sattvic vegetarian cuisine is our identity. And, we are committed to preserving it for generations to come because of  its numerous health benefits.

The name Madurai is a transformation of Madhuram which means not just delicious food but also food that promotes longevity. Madurai is the food capital of TamilNadu and is very famous for its local produce – such as chillies, spices, Oil, Vegetables etc.

MGI Combines the local produce of TamilNadu with authentic recipes across India,  delivering uniquely distinct flavors in Vegetarian fast food menu.

The very mention of fast food, in people’s mind also means food that is bad for health.

MGI’s purpose of existence is to break this perception – and to ensure that fast food is convenient food but made with the utmost healthy ingredients in the cleanest possible way.

How do we ensure this? We understand that healthy eating directly relates to the way food is cooked. And our traditional cooking methods were a great source of inspiration to cooking without causing ill effects.

  1. No reheating of oils that is once heated and cooking in recycled oils
  2. The use of purest quality pristine water in cooking
  3. No use of artificial preservatives, taste enhancers, Coloring etc
  4. No high heat, fast cooking – Only slow cooking to protect the nutritional value of the ingredients
  5. Compulsory addition of whole grains, proteins, vegetables, good fat in all our menu so that fast food also serves the full range of food pyramid

This is MGI’s mission. To help people enjoy quick, convenient, fast food, snacks and sweets that are not just harmless but also healthy and delight people with their taste.


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