Madurai’s tastiest eateries around Meenakshi Temple revealed!

A trip to Madurai is never complete without a trip to the Meenakshi temple. Well not quite. A trip to Meenakshi temple is not completed, if you have not tried these really traditional yet tasty joints spread all around the temple, at 1km to 2km by walk. So here goes the list, while you spend a morning to evening around the temple, strolling through the shops and the streets.



  • Vellayappam and Kara Chutney, Jeera Boli @ MGIs (Gopu Iyengar hotel right around the corner of temple)
  • Kara Kilangu @ Nagapattinam Mittai Shop outside Meenakshi Temple (available only around lunch time)
  • Filter Coffee @ Visalam Coffee right around the corner at Meenakhi Temple near MGIs
  • Kara Sevai @ Nagapattinam Mittai Shop near Meenakshi temple
  • Basundi and Paratha @ Delhi Wala, Town Hall Road
  • South Indian Meals @ Sree Sabarees Town Hall road
  • North Indian meals @ Mohan Bhojanalaya, Dhanappa Mudali street
  • Masala Tea @ Zam Zam Sweets near the Bus Stand
  • Sugar cane juice @ any vendor
  • Jigarthanda @ Famous, East Chithirai Street

And not to forget the Paruthi Pal (Milk) and the Paneer Soda available across Madurai at the small stalls.

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