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A major health trend going on among millennials and in India overall, is that,  Snacking equals consuming oily food and hence is a major health hazard. What has really come under negativity on people’s perception is the age old South Indian Snacks such as the Vada, Bajji that are deep fried in oil. Our teens do not like the idea of Traditional Snacks. They would rather want a Vada pav OR a Pani Poori .

MGI – A Healthy fast food store of traditional Madurai!

Madurai Gopu Iyengars is a 100 year old legacy, that has been keeping alive, the authentic Cuisines of the ancient times. Our century old, tasty yet sattvic vegetarian cuisine is our identity. And, we are committed to preserving it for generations to come because of  its numerous health benefits. The name Madurai is a transformation of Madhuram which means not just delicious food but also food that promotes longevity. Madurai is the food capital .

Why MGI outlets are designed to be small?

In Madurai like all other places across India, very small eateries serving a very limited number of customers or select items on the menu are the places that customers fondly go back to. For instance, the famous Mohan Bhojanalaya, at one one point of time, was a very small dingy place, that could serve at the most 20-30 people at a time. Even now, it can serve a maximum of 40 people only. Same .

Street food sometimes beats Fine dining restaurants in taste and here is why!

I have paraded many restaurants based on the high five ratings on Zomato and social media. Barring a few good ones that got their due ratings, most other restaurants and outlets had highly over-rated stars. Not only did such visits burnt a big hole in my pocket, they did not leave my tongue wagging for more. I have kind of shunned social media recommendations for dining out and strictly go by what similar minded .

Madurai’s tastiest eateries around Meenakshi Temple revealed!

A trip to Madurai is never complete without a trip to the Meenakshi temple. Well not quite. A trip to Meenakshi temple is not completed, if you have not tried these really traditional yet tasty joints spread all around the temple, at 1km to 2km by walk. So here goes the list, while you spend a morning to evening around the temple, strolling through the shops and the streets. Vellayappam and Kara Chutney, Jeera .

Snack like a Madurai’ite @ MGIs

When in Rome, live like a Roman. This is something we have always heard. What does it take to Live like a Madurai’ite in Madurai? Let us explore. One of the key traits of Madurai is that it is called as a City that never sleeps. It is a city that is awake all day and all night, and food is available 24×7. It is called as “thoonga Nagaram” meaning the exact same thing. .